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Silver Gelatin DOP
Chromogenic Color
Dye Imbibition
Silver Dye Bleach
Salted Paper
Gelatin POP
Collodion POP
Matte Collodion
Chromogenic Color Slide Film
Screen Plate
Gelatin Dry Plate
Direct Carbon (Fresson)


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Notes on this view:

This print is a composite print, an image printed from multiple negatives. There were two negatives used to make this photograph: the image of the boy that was made in a camera, and the image of the frame and background that was hand painted on a transparent support. Decorative masks such as this were commercially produced, but could also be hand-made by the photographer. To make this print the photographer made two opaque masks: one in the shape of an oval, and a square mask with an oval cut from the center. To print the image of the boy the square mask was put in contact with the carbon tissue and the negative of the boy was also put in contact with the tissue. The mask blocked the light allowing only the image of the boy to print. To print the frame and background, the oval mask was placed over the area already printed allowing only the frame and background to print. The carbon tissue was then processed as usual.

Notice the photographer, Frances Wilkinson, signed the mount in the lower right.